Android Applications

Project-Voodoo publishes several applications. Some free, some commercial, open source, proprietary or a blend of both, ads in none.

You’ll find these applications are available on Google Play store.

In page: Voodoo Sound, Voodoo Sound Plus, LOUDER, Galaxy S III SIM Unlock, OTA RootKeeper, Instant Exynos Mem Abuse vulnerability fix, Audio Measurements Player, Voodoo Report

Voodoo Sound

Voodoo logoLow level driver and Android application that tunes your Smartphone hardware configuration to brings you the highest audio quality.
Carefully designed, written using state-of the art original methods and optimized by a measurement-driven methodology.

Voodoo Sound is compatible only with a limited set of devices capable of audiophile-quality music playing.

Requires root, free version.

Voodoo Sound Plus

Upgrades Voodoo Sound application capabilities:

Load Voodoo Sound driver without having to flash and update a custom kernel built by a third-party developer.

Requires root, commercial.



Voodoo LOUDER logoA simple app designed for Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note, allowing to boost headphone amplifier output to the maximum output levels is capable of.

Requires root, commercial.

Galaxy S III SIM Unlock

Galaxy S III SIM UnlockRemove SIM Lock on your international Galaxy S III GT-I9300.
One click, 3 seconds, end of story.

The open door in locking mechanism exploited by this app is fixed in firmwares since end Jul 2012, which means the app is no longer useful or relevant.

Direct APK download

Requires root, free and Open Source

OTA RootKeeper

Voodoo OTA RootKeeper

Saves a Superuser su binary backup, protected from destruction or alteration on most modern devices in order to keep root after applying firmware updates.
Features also a basic temporary un-root option.

Direct APK download

Requires root, free and Open Source, has been merged in historic Superuser app in July 2012.

Instant fix for Exynos Mem Abuse vulnerability

As a nasty security issue has been published, before any fix is available during mid December 2012 as vendors were not made aware I wrote a little app that checks the vulnerability status and applies a fix automatically at boot to keep you safe

See the blog post related.


Screen Tests Patterns

Voodoo Screen Test Patterns logoPattern generator for Color HCFR display analysis software.

Free and Open Source

Audio Measurements Player

Simple player including samples useful for RMAA, audio jitter or resampling artifacts analysis.

Free and Open Source


Voodoo Report

Voodoo Report logoCustom tool poking an Android device internals, allowing software debugging or virtual tear-downs.


More apps ! (Famous Carrier IQ detector, FreeOrNot)