Project Voodoo is a publisher name used by François SIMOND aka supercurio.

I’m an independent hacker and developer from France, passionated by audio and video.
This passion leads me to analyze, modify and then create tools to optimize hardware or software catching my attention.

Tools I use are strict audio measurement methodologies, trained ears, colorimeter and associated software, some creativity and obsession, feedback and inspiration from modding communities like XDA-developers, users and fans and an unreasonable amount of hard work.

You’ll find a few articles I contributed to, directly or indirectly on Anantech and Engadget.

I’m not currently available for hire but I’m always interested exchanging ideas with manufacturers or entrepreneurs.

Special thanks to all my supporters and users for encouragement and buying apps, friendly devs I learned from, Wolfson Microelectronics for sharing knowledge and opening their doors, Samsung Mobile Korea and US for support and sending a few devices.